Volunteers Needed!

The Central Avenue Solstice celebrates the day the sun rises and sets on Central Avenue, the main artery or "zipper" of The Sunshine City. To commemorate the day, visitors can explore a large array of activities along the Avenue, while the sun journeys from East to West directly overhead. It is a full-day celebration of art, culture, music, food, shopping and all the things that make Central Avenue and St. Petersburg a great place to be.

Event activities will begin on the east end of Central Avenue at sunrise, followed by art demonstrations, family activities, markets, restaurant specials, music and other live performances scheduled throughout the day at more than three dozen Central Avenue locations, and finally closing with a sunset celebration on the west end of the Avenue. This year's schedule also adds contests, group activities, and other features to broaden public participation. All event activities are free, as is the Central Avenue Trolley, which will be running free all day.

To see volunteer shift descriptions and sign up, go to http://signup.com/go/eFtk6T.  

This event is organized and hosted by the Central Avenue Council, consisting of the Downtown, Central Arts, EDGE, Grand Central, Warehouse Arts, Professional, and West Central Village Districts.

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